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Hi there, so I was just doing nothing when this idea hit me and I decided to release some pent up energy. Out of that came this surprisingly dark and moody and sexual thing that is just a small story type thing. So anyway, to those reading out there, be warned, it does contain sexual content and it is quite strong in some ways.  Since I can never come up with good names for my small snippets, I've decided to title it Dark Raptures.




The alleyway was dark, cold and wet, the perfect place to pull a struggling person into and...Collapse )



Okay, the presidential elections are over and everyone is in a huge riot. Not all of the people are unhappy with the results: Obama won for president. I personally don't think it's an incredibly bad thing, I like where he stands on certain issues but I don't exactly go for him; I'm more neutral than anything. Today at school we had a huge discussion during my lit class about this and lets just say that a whole bunch of people were upset... that's what you get when you live in Eastern Oregon...

My big sis was a month along a week ago today! I'm really excited for her but I think she needs to be knocked off her pedestal or something because she's got a HUGE case of 'baby' on the brain. Lately it's "don't do that, I'm pregnant" or "you're going to hurt the baby, jackass" there's just no end top it... :) I love her though and I can't wait till the little tyke comes out and we can start fawning over it.


Writer's Block: Secret Crush

Everyone knows having a crush at the office or in class can make the time pass a little bit quicker. Is it better to keep your crush a secret or tell them how you feel?
It's SO much better when you keep it a secret. If you tell your crush and they don't feel the same then that makes for an akward relationship as friends or whatever. Unless of course your relationship is the type where you are always flirting and there's nothing wrong with that then... there's nothing like a flirt buddy...


Well, I just found out my big sis is prego.... That's great and everything but the bad thing is that she and her guy aren't exactly married. That does contradict with our religion but since when has that ever stopped my sister? Never.

She's due for mid July so she's not too far along but she thinks it's a boy. As far as I know it's still too early to know what it is but who knows... I really like the guy she's going out with but I don't like the situation they're going through. Personally, I'm ecstatic to be an aunt. My mom's going grey faster just thinking about it. My poor dad doesn't even know yet, I'm counting down the days 'til they fill him in. He hasn't been my sister's biggest fan on how she decided to live her life so I can't wait to find out if there's going to be a scream fest. I honestly don't see this going good.

I'm also happy I'm over and done with the horrible PSAT's. I decided to take the PSAT's  again before I took the SAT's. Better safe than sorry is what I always say. I still absolutely hate sitting still for nearly three and a half hours; I can't even stay still for a half hour much less like six times that! Good side: the teacher supervising the thing was really nice, bad side: the totally mean and bitchy school counselor was there too. I'm just glad I didn't just bust out and run a mile around the lab in my jittery, pent-up energy state. Now all I have to do is finish all my other homework... Nice of the teachers to pile it up on us this week.


Releasing Sress

So, I've been thinking of ways to relieve some of my stress over having a big paper due Thursday and not being anywhere near finishing with it. It's worth too much of my final grade for me not to be completely freaking out... That's what I get for being stuck and not knowing where to take it next. 

I decided to go over some of the things I've done and I came up with this. It's typical me, just some small angsty piece of some woman in deep depression... Can someone make the connection I'm making? Anyway, the piece is titled Too Late on account of what I was listening to when it was created and what it contains.




I thought back on my life as I drowned the last of my tequila....Collapse )

Angsty Writing

Hi, okay, so I was just trying to get rid of some of the writers block I've been having and I decided to just wing it and start writing what I was in the mood for  which turned out to be an angsty, semi-depressing little snippet of some random last thoughts, I seem to have a tendancy towards making all my angsty pieces last thoughts before the person either dies or kills themselves. But for whatever the reason I wrote it and I decided to post it on here, just something I thought would be nice, personalizing the things I write on here.

Anyways, the story is temporarily called 'Suffocating'


I let my fake smile fall, the true sadness overtaking my whole face, the deep hurt rose to my eyes. I was so tired of playing a normal...Collapse )
Okay, I know I'm in big trouble for not updating in forever but right now I'm crazy. I have an insane amount of homework every day, I don't get done with it till like 8, then I help with dinner and then I eat, showering comes next then I finally go to bed and try to not think about how I need to update or how I need to read my book in order to get 20% of my grade for my LA class. I'm working on the chapter, it will probably be short but it's going to be something. I just need to get some type of system down with my schedule and do some of my insane amount of work at school so I can have time to update. I seriously get homework for almost every class, just please put up with my tardiness and know that if you're all waiting to torch me alive you're going to have to get in like, I'm waiting to torch myself after I get done with my mountain of homework...

I've just recently posted the latest chapter, it's part of the two part chapter, possibly three part. I'm just trying to get little parts out now but I'll go back and put them together.

Seriously hope for more

Story: Serenidy

Okay so I decided I should post the story I'm working on here along with everything else.  Right now I don't have a set name for it, I'm still kind of testing the waters with this so for now it's just called "Serenidy". So far I've written a bit but seeing as how I don't have a lot of free time at the moment I'll just post this and get some more out when I can.

SerenidyCollapse )


I've recently updated Good and Broken, as I've said, I've been really busy with the whole going back to school thing and every other thing I have going on right now. It's really crazy but I will try to keep up the updates coming with frequency but I don't guarauntee anything. I'm pretty sure I've said I have a full schedual, I'm not sure how much sleep I'm going to be getting from now on, time is moving so fast, I'm overwhelmed by everything. Please put up with everything that's going on, please, especially since I still feel like crap.

Hope for more


So I decided to get a livejournal account to let everyone know about when I'll be updating and how I'm doing on everything. I'm still getting the hang of this place so you must bear with me. I'm also going to start school again this Tuesday so I'm going to be pretty busy. Add that to not feeling good and it's safe to say I'm going to be slow on posting for now. 

Hope for more