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Hi there, so I was just doing nothing when this idea hit me and I decided to release some pent up energy. Out of that came this surprisingly dark and moody and sexual thing that is just a small story type thing. So anyway, to those reading out there, be warned, it does contain sexual content and it is quite strong in some ways.  Since I can never come up with good names for my small snippets, I've decided to title it Dark Raptures.




The alleyway was dark, cold and wet, the perfect place to pull a struggling person into and have your way with them; no one was around to hear any struggle, to report anything. Thomas Braiding walked through the alley, his latest victim struggling feebly, mewling out pleas and crying out for help that would never come.  Pushing the small girl into the hard brick wall, he brought her protests to a stop; a dull thud resonated after her head hit the wall.

His cruel laugh hit her like a slap, she knew this was her end; she would not survive this horrible night. Thomas’ hands dug into her hips and forced her down onto the old cobblestone path, her knees searing with pain, bleeding where the sharp, uneven stones had cut into her.  He pushed his belt away, undoing his pants zipper he pulled himself out. The girl drew back from it, afraid of what was coming next.

“Suck it,” he commanded, ice filled his words, no mercy filled his eyes, they were like ice chips in his face.

A whimper caught in her throat but obliged obediently, a vain attempt at some mercy. HE wasn’t having any of that, thrusting into her hot, gagging mouth to his own pace. He felt himself twitch as she whimpered against the wintery breeze that blew by and his attack; he pulled away and pulled her up roughly, yanking away the fabric covering her lower region. Without warning, he pushed his engorged dick into her, feeling her stretch to him, barely registering her cry of pain and desperation. The only thing on his mind was his own pleasure derived by her tight cunt and her pathetic pleas. He pounded into her without mercy, not fazed by the fact that it was a public alleyway which anyone could stroll into and by, catching him in the act. Her tight walls clenched down on him again, sucking him in deeper. His thighs burned and he knew he wouldn’t last much longer, his body pulled back once more and he pushed and pulled his victim until her face pressed to the hard bricks. She was too far gone, she didn’t know what he planned to do until he’d done it; he thrust into the small opening, holding her ass open with is hands. Screaming, she slid down the dirty wall a bit, her body doubling over from the pain. He paid no attention, solely captivated on his dick and what it was doing. With every thrust, her face crashed into the brick, her face bleeding more and more with each encounter.

His balls ached and drew tight as he spilled is seed deep inside her ass, groaning at the feeling. She crumpled to the ground, silent tears streaming down her blank face; no sobs wracked her abused body. Thomas roughly kissed her pretty, swollen face, forcing his tongue into her mouth. No recognition flashed across her face, no flicker of emotion in her whole body.

“Thank you for the fun time, darling. This is where we part.”

Her motionless body and face displeased Thomas; he decided to go for another try.

“It’s time to go, baby, your time is up.” Nothing passed over her face.

Fed up with his game and prey, he drew out the final tool for the night, his favorite part of the night. The metal bar was a reassuring weight in his hands, its evil glint in the bleached moonlight comforted him; he drew it into position.

“Everyone gets what’s coming to them, bitch, everyone.”

Her face moved the tiniest bit. “You will get yours, too,”

Her words shook him; he called upon all his strength and swung the heavy metal bar like a bat, pleased with the sickening thud it made as it hit contact. Hot liquid flew everywhere, endowing him in a dripping crimson glow, his favorite thing in the world. The pale, bright moon showed everything he did, showed the terrible damage he wrecked and witnessed the wickedness of his soul. Eyes red with blood, black everywhere else, he threw his last hit and punch.

“I’ll come by the moonlight, and there shall be hell to pay.”



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Feb. 25th, 2009 02:25 pm (UTC)


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